Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tadpole Knitting Loom & Card Weaving

I got a new knitting loom called the Tadpole. It's made of wood with metal pegs. I like the look and feel of it and it's portable. I took it with me on a roadtrip and started a new lilac scarf. The directions say to use a crochet hook to bind off but the kit doesn't come with one. It does come with a bamboo tool with a slightly bent metal tip for lifting the loops over the peg. Before you start I recommend getting a hook around size B. While you are at it put a yarn needle and some small scissors in the kit as well. I've made baby booties with it. I had hoped to make socks, but it seems the company sells other more expensive looms for that.  I bet I can invent some though.

On another note, some of my friends have been doing card weaving. I'm tempted to get a better set of cards than the ones I made a few years ago out of needlepoint canvas. There are some nice ones on Etsy. Not that I need another labor intensive, low paying activity. I'm just a sucker for things like that though.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fiber Play Days

Since I've joined the Barony of Angels, I've been exposed to a lot more practitioners of fiber arts. They have these great 'fiber play days' at events where we can sit down and look at inkle weaving projects or talk about nature fiber dyeing and spinning, or learn Viking whip cord braiding.  The only downside is I'm usually so busy doing archery or face painting or juggling or entering the raffle that I barely have time to go to the fiber tables. I need to clone myself, that's all there is too it. Last time I went I learned how to make a stuffed fabric button. I sewed my new button onto a doll.

This is before I sewed his mouth on.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Stick Weaving an Art Doll

I finally learned how to use stick weaving to make a doll. This has so many possibilities. I'm very excited.