Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tadpole Knitting Loom & Card Weaving

I got a new knitting loom called the Tadpole. It's made of wood with metal pegs. I like the look and feel of it and it's portable. I took it with me on a roadtrip and started a new lilac scarf. The directions say to use a crochet hook to bind off but the kit doesn't come with one. It does come with a bamboo tool with a slightly bent metal tip for lifting the loops over the peg. Before you start I recommend getting a hook around size B. While you are at it put a yarn needle and some small scissors in the kit as well. I've made baby booties with it. I had hoped to make socks, but it seems the company sells other more expensive looms for that.  I bet I can invent some though.

On another note, some of my friends have been doing card weaving. I'm tempted to get a better set of cards than the ones I made a few years ago out of needlepoint canvas. There are some nice ones on Etsy. Not that I need another labor intensive, low paying activity. I'm just a sucker for things like that though.

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